Stay Tuned.

The purpose of this web site is to provide links to my C.V., publications, course syllabi, dissertation, and perhaps even part of a novel. But I also intend to use the empty space of the page to expound about cinema, television, culture studies, popular culture, gender studies, feminism, and perhaps even pedagogy.

How to begin? I wanted to create a header from photos of my favorite actresses in scenes from 1960s cinema. In less than an hour I had collected a dozen… then two, and more. It was impossible to choose. How can you show Martha, without Mrs. Robinson? Together they make a whole name. And how could you have Scout without Sue Lyon’s Lolita? Or Marianne without Anita (well, you do!). And the 60s can’t be represented without Varla in all her glory, but where is Barbarella, Modesty Blaise, and Pussy Galore? Bonnie Parker crowded out Rosemary Woodhouse and a zombie or two, but not Cat Woman! Yet certainly you cannot exemplify the age of both radical politics and Flower Power without the Princess del Lago, Diana Scott, and Sally Bowles? Or the curse of the monstrous feminine without Janet Leigh’s iconic scream and Bette Davis’s booze-swilling sneer as Baby Jane Hudson takes charge. And of course, without Blow Up’s Vanessa Redgrave, Jane Birkin, or Veruschka?

One by one, however, I promise to march them all out, to re-examine, apprise, and praise. Stay tuned.

One Comment on “Stay Tuned.”

  1. Camilla says:

    I LOVE your photo collage header. You put a shot of Anita Pallenberg from Performance in there! That is my all time favorite movie, and the movie that had the biggest influence on my life.

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